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Out with the old!

The calendar may say 2019, but bits of 2018 are still hanging on for dear life. Clear the slate! Flush away the old year. Literally. Get it out. Detox like a boss with Pure Refresh.

Finding a detox system that works for you can be one of the trickiest choices out there. With so many products to choose from, how do you begin? Start with figuring out what your goals are. Are you intending to use a detox to lose weight? Rid your digestive system of toxins and parasites? Cleanse your liver and other organs? How about all of the above? Then move on to the even bigger question: can I still live my life and detox at the same time. Answer to all of these questions? Of course you can do it all! Mother Nature has given us so many gifts in the natural world to help cleanse our bodies and get them back to their own natural rhythm. Blending flowers, seeds, roots and leaves into wonderful teas, can make the process even easier.

Choose a product that is a healthy blend of all natural ingredients working together to help detoxify and cleanse your body of heavy metals and toxins. Gently removing toxins will help bring much needed balance to your digestive system. Look for ingredients like Dandelion Root, which can act as a tonic and gentle diuretic to purify your blood, cleanse your system, dissolve kidney stones and otherwise improve gastro-intestinal health. The PECTIN in Dandelion Root forms ionic complexes with metal ions, which lends to the dandelionís reputation as a blood and gastrointestinal detoxifying herb. Marshmallow Root, which has shown to be helpful in almost all problems related to inflammation of the digestive tract, known to cause diarrhea and indigestion. Milk Thistle Seed, which contains the highest concentration of the active compound silymarin, which is an antioxidant that reduces free radical production and oxidative damage, especially to the liver. And Humifulvate (humic acid, fulvic acid and phenolic acid complex) which acts like a magnetic sponge in your intestine, literally sucking up the toxins across your gut wall.

Don't forget to replenish!
Oceans Pure: The Super Tonic

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Removal of toxins is key, but you also need to replenish your system as you remove unwanted waste. Laminaria Japonica, a super kelp, packed with ionic iodine, laminarin, alginates and selenium, that pulls double duty as both a heavy metal and toxin remover AND a power punch of support to your thyroid to stabilize your metabolism with its superb organic iodine. Kelp is also a great immune booster. Green Tea Leaf has the maximum amount of antioxidants and poly-phenols, which can help to reduce bad cholesterol and improve the balance between good and bad cholesterol. Green Teaís specific antioxidants, flavonoids, protect cells from free radicals, the damage that can lead to blood clot formation, atherosclerosis and cancer.

A balance of detox and replenishment will give you the best chance at your perfect cleanse. Keep in mind that while you remove the bad, you need to fill the space with good, healthy minerals and antioxidants to give your body the help it needs to reach your optimal health.

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